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This is just a look at G&G's upcoming products, as seen at IWA. I think some of the stuff was already seen at Shot Show, but there's some interesting items nonetheless. G&G seems to be focusing more on integrating things into their guns. In particular, they have a new battery design for the MP5 in which the handguard is the battery. Perhaps most intriguing of all is the demonstration of a new experimental recoil design. The recoil module is completely contained within the stock and powered by its own battery. That way, the performance of the gun is not affected. It looks...
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Here's an informative video about using art sponges to paint your gun. I haven't tried it myself, but it seems like a great way to get a flecktarn or digital pattern for low price and effort. No stencils needed Very Happy

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This article was in the Santa Maria Times today:

Basically, the Santa Maria Police Department got a grant to buy new equipment. Some of this money was used to buy airsoft guns to use in the Police Explorer program (age 14-20, if you are interested). I know this is nothing new in law enforcement, but it's cool to know that...
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The Pyramyd Air Blog writer posted up an article about a new airsoft system made by PolarStar (anybody heard of them?) that supposedly revolutionizes how airsoft guns work. Personally, I don't think the AEG gearbox will be replaced that easily, but that's just me. Anyways, it's an HPA system, and from what I can tell it's essentially a paintball gun that fires BBs.

At the cost of lugging that...
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I found an airsoft comic while browsing Arnie's Airsoft (I think...), and it's actually pretty entertaining. There's only twelve so far, and each one is only a couple panels. Regardless, you might get some laughs out of it. It pokes fun at a certain aspects of airsoft, such as "CODsofters" and snipers with ludicrous expectations. Not much else for me to write about, so here's a link:
Airsoft Life of Terdz
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From Airsoft Innovations, the makers of the Tornado Grenade, comes the "GasCan." Not really a very innovative name (lame pun TOTALLY intended), but the product sounds genuinely useful. The GasCan is a small container that can hold the gas of your choice. The purpose is to make the gas more portable instead of either leaving...
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A new GITV video went up yesterday providing information on upcoming sales. Most of it is irrelevant unless you plan on going down to their new store for the Soft Opening or Black Friday, but the online Black Friday deals have piqued my interest. ASGI's top 100 selling items as Shocker Deals throughout the...
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eHobbyAsia has got a unique high cap design in stock. The Lonex Flash Magazine has got a pull string (wire?) at the bottom. It function in the same way as the wind up keys on some high caps, I believe. Plus, the magazine feeds continuously once it's fully spun, so no more spinning a wheel mid game. However, I imagine you would look somewhat ridiculous pulling a string out of the bottom of your mag. It's even more conspicuous than conventional high caps. Here's a video:
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ASGI made a flyer for different game types! I'm guessing they've printed it out for use as a brochure type of thing, hence the sizing.

For you "TLDNR" types, it describes five game types. Heat, Zombie Hunter, Downed Pilot, Battle Buddy, and Wolf.
Heat is a mixture of an extraction point game and eliminations. Opfor are outnumbered, but can use full-auto while other must use semi.
Zombie Hunter is kinda what we had in mind (Still looking...
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Check out this post by ASGI on ArniesAirsoft. Send them an email at with your address regarding what your favorite ASGI website feature is and they'll send you a freebie. What that freebie is, I have no clue. Doubtlessly it is nothing big, but free stuff is fun!
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To my knowledge, this gun replicates the oldest firearm of any non-custom airsoft gun. Modeled after George Washington's pistols, this is perfect for display...or, as Red Wolf points out, pretending to be a pirate. It is spring powered and fires at 210 FPS. Its internal mag holds 12 BBs. At $113, you...
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Time for another ASGI themed blog post! Very Happy

Airsoft GI just started their daily "Shocker" deals today. Every weekday from noon to midnight, ASGI will have major discounts on 1-3 of their items. Combine that with a coupon code and you can save quite a bit of money. There is a $7 M4/M16 High Cap Mag right now, which is comparable to the prices you get when buying directly from China.

Click the image below to check out the deal for today:
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Airosft GI released a few teaser graphics for their new store a while ago, but this is the first actual information on it that I know of. It was posted from their Facebook 22 minutes ago. Luckily for us, it is still in California. I bet the East Coast airsofters are disappointed. Anyways, I'm looking forward to visiting it once it opens.

Oh, one more thing. First line under Features..."hugest"?!
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Could it be? Paintball BBs that don't screw with your gun? I don't know personally, but Red Wolf Airsoft claims it's the truth. They apparently have a hard plastic shell that will shatter on impact but not inside of your gun. The "paint" is water based, so it can be wiped or washed off easily. From what I can tell, it's basically colored water. If my assumption is correct, then even if it does break inside a gun, it shouldn't do too much damage. Not as much as waxy paintballs or powder BBs will do at least...

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24k Gold Plated M92

A new level of impracticality has been reached with this 24k Gold M92 made by WE. Note, it's gold plated not solid gold, hence it's only $135 from eHobby Asia (buy it here!). In my opinion, it actually doesn't look that nice--silver and black goes better for a pistol, but at least you can say that you own a real gold airsoft gun. It could be of use beyond display too. It fires at 320 FPS with (green gas) and has a 25 round mag. For the price, that's not...
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I was watching a documentary on famous big-game hunters of the late 19th and 20th century and I noticed that many of them were carrying Mauser 98 type rifles! Wanted to look at buying this complete uniform as a change from camouflage...KHAKI FTW!!!
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Originally, I was just going to post this under a "I WANT THIS GUN" type of thread, but it turns out there's a good deal of interesting history about this gun. There's also quite a bit of media on it, so I figured it would be nice for me to actually make a useful blog post for once.

Before I continue, here's...
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As the title says, it's an airsoft claymore that is tripped by a laser (or lack of). Here's a video that will inevitably do a much better job at explaining than I could ever:

And the product itself:
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Yeah, it's an airsoft RPG.
For those of you who didn't already click the link, or opened it in a new tab, here's some information that you could...
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Dunno what to say really. It's all in the video. Check out the first on on the ASGITV channel.
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Well, it's not a particularly new product, but it doesn't have as much publicity as other grenades, such as Airsoft Innovation's Tornado Greande, so I figure it is worth mentioning.

Most importantly for our field, its gas, not explosive. From what I can tell, it runs on Green Gas/Propane. It holds 72 BB's and fires at just over 100 fps...guaranteeing that even if you dive on top of the grenade to save your fellow team members, you won't go home with welts all over you. I don't know for sure, but that's probably about the power of Kris' "mini pistol". If you've been shot by...
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It's safety month at ASGI right now, and they have made four safety videos. Chances are that you won't need them unless you're a beginner, but it's nice to have a reminder every so often.

Here they are:

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I saw this in somebody's signature on Nipmo Airsoft's site, so I decided to search it up myself. It's actually really cool.

We're not talking about Call of Duty perks here, they are more of titles. Whenever you meet a certain requirement, you put a title in your signature to recognize that, and hopefully build up your own record of airsoft history. Of course, it's honor based, as airsoft itself is. The original poster says that the perks were made to be mostly humorous, so that people didn't compete to get them and end up cheating. Here's the link to the full description:
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We've had a couple debates before about power sources for gas guns, so I figured this would be good to post. Nothing on CO2 though.

If you're too lazy to watch the video, here's the conclusion:

Green Gas
-You don't need to mix silicone into the gas.
-Smells better than propane
-No adapter needed

-More expensive than propane
-Harder to find than propane
-Weaker than propane

-Significantly chepaer than Green Gas
-Easier to find than Green Gas
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Here are 5 good guns for under $100. You have probably seen a couple of these guns before, but hopefully not all of them. Enjoy

TSD Tactical M9X Mil Spec Blowback
Price: $60
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Word has been going around the internet that several Chinese Manufacturers (specifically, AGM and A&K) have been shut down.

Some rumors have been going around. Some say that CYMA bribed the officials to get rid of the competition, although I personally think that is a little too far fetched. Others say that China is simply cracking down on the companies because they are making too much money (Communism, for the lose?). One of the scariest possibilities is that that some molds and parts used on airsoft guns are being used for real guns.

As of now, things are pretty hazy,...
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First of all, sorry I've been so ridiculously inconsistent with these things.

Here's some nice optics I found, along with the recommended guns for them:

NC Star 1x25 Compact Red Dot with Weaver Mount
Recommended on SMG's, since it has a low profile. I guess it could be used for assault rifles too, but it would like kinda small on them. This one has great...
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Apparently, some 13 year old kid named Josh (O.o) defended his home from burgulars with an airsoft a hunting spotlight and a 20 gauge shotgun. From the video on the news page, the pistol he was using is the same as Kris's old CO2 that he lost.

According to him, he shot a guy in the face with the pistol, blinded him, then fired a warning shot from the shotgun. While it's kinda cool that he used the pistol, I seriously doubt that's what scared away the burgulars. I mean seriously, what's scarier--a CO2 pistol that might leave a little red welt, or a 20 gauge shotgun...
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Some news thing on airsoft...vaguely interesting, I guess. For the record, I don't think the reporters did their research well. "Big boys and their rather realistic looking toys?" It says clearly on the gun, "This is not a toy." Plus, "This may look and sound like...
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This is a cheaper alternative to a tracer unit if we ever go on that airsoft camping trip. Tracers would be cool...

Price: $35
Features: Lights up tracer BB's for use in night wars

Yup...that's it. I dunno whether this counts as "yesterday's" (Tuesday) or today (Wednsday). It's 12:05 AM by my computer clock. I'm tired and didn't have time to find any particularly interesting...
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It's hardly a new product, but I thought I'd share it with you guys if you haven't seen it yet.

Video with Slow Motion

A more practical demonstration

Price: $70
FPS: 65-130
Power: green gas or propane

-Shoots 200 BB's at different...
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-In this blog, I'll be posting all that random airsoft related things that would usually go into Random Chit Chat. I'll be posting videos, pictures, new product announcements etc. Any airsoft related thing that I find floating around the internet that I think is worth sharing will be put in here. I'll try to udpate daily, and if that doesn't work I'll update weekly.
-If you've found anything that you'd want on here, just send me a private message and I'll put it on.
In the bottom right corner, you'll see "Comments". Click on that to leave a comment. If a post...
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