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 Budget Guns--Under $100

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PostBudget Guns--Under $100

Here are 5 good guns for under $100. You have probably seen a couple of these guns before, but hopefully not all of them. Enjoy

TSD Tactical M9X Mil Spec Blowback
Price: $60
At 330-350 FPS, this is a viable choice for a backup weapon. Moreover, it’s one of the cheapest GBB available. There’s not that much that’s special about this gun, besides the price. If you’re looking for a realistic secondary, this will get the job done well

WELL R2 Skorpion
Price: $89.99
What you get for the price is impressive. Admittedly, the gun itself is lacking power, but reviews claim it can go to about 75 feet, which is good for such a short gun. The features on this gun outweigh the power issue. It’s got a rail on the bottom for accessories; a folding stock; and best of all, a free drum mag! Perhaps it might not be the best choice for a primary, but it would work just fine as a backup. It just seems fun to shoot too.

Walther SG9000 CO2 Shotgun
Price: $91.95
It sounds almost too good to be true…Not only is it semi-automatic, it has the ability to switch between three-shot and single-shot. This feature would be extremely useful at our field. The reviews are pretty good, except for one guy who assumes he just got a defect. However, there are a few downsides. The shotgun isn’t modeled after a real one, so if you’re going for realism, this probably isn’t for you. Also, it uses 88 gram CO2 cartridges, which are a little more expensive. They do last a lot longer though, so this could be a good thing. For under $100, this would hold its own as a primary, or make one heck of a backup.

Thompson M1A1 Military
Price: $84.95
Honestly, we probably don’t need any more Thompsons, but this one looks nice. 330 FPS is surprisingly strong for the price. Plus it comes with a 1000 round drum magazine, which is about almost worth the entire price (a 450 round drum is $44.95 on The black finish is a little strange, but personally, I like it.

Spring M203
Price: $28.00
Alright, it isn’t a “good gun” as I claimed I would be posting. From what I can gather, it just shoots a single BB. As far as performance goes it sucks, but it would still look cool if it’s your style. I suppose if you really needed to you could use the single shot as a last resort. One of the reviews says it can hold a battery too. I’m not sure if this means that it can be used as a PEQ to wire a larger battery to your gun or if it just stores a spare. Either way, I guess that’s sort of handy.

So there you go, 4 good guns, and one 1 that would just be fun to have Smile

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Budget Guns--Under $100 :: Comments

Re: Budget Guns--Under $100
Post on Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:54 pm by Dark
out of all those i like the shotgun

Budget Guns--Under $100

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